Melissa just finished her hard work on my latest book- “Now is the Best Time Ever to Owe the IRS.” I am told that I am a great writer on the things that I know about. But so much of self-publishing is confusing! Design, layout, cover design, reviews of the book content, formatting. Almost incomprehensible to a first-time author and this is my fifth book! Melissa is professional, organized, knowledgeable, computer literate, and was patient in helping me. I am so grateful for her knowledge and expertise. I plan to use her for my next book.

~Richard Schickel, author of Now is the Best Time Ever to Owe the I.R.S.

Working with Michelle was simple and easy. For me, the best part was that she understood the image I had in my head of my book and made it come to life. I would highly recommend her work to anyone who plans to publish a book!

~Professor Millick, author of CIA 101: A Crash Course in Agency Case Officers

Absolutely a pleasure to work with! Prompt and detailed feedback in every step of the process. Very professional with great design work that really elevates the quality of the book. Definitely recommended!

~Amos Kim, author of The Transfers

Michelle did a fantastic job with the new cover for my novel “Safari.” She made it look very professional and captured the feel and genre of the book perfectly. I would highly recommend her.

~Alexander Plansky, author of Safari

My recent experience working with Michelle turning my book MILL VALLEY DAYS into an e-book was fabulous. Patient, thorough and good natured were the qualities I perceived in her and my demands were not modest. When something wasn’t possible she politely explained why. I’ll be back.

~Johnny Myers, author of Mill Valley Days

I have had a great experience working with MWD. Michelle has been so patient with my newbie neuroses, and has been simultaneously generous in supplying her design expertise to make my book better, while always keeping my eager vision for the book at the forefront.

She’s fast yet never at the expense of quality. And she has patiently answered my many questions about the confusing world of publishing with helpful and easy-to-follow steps.

I will definitely be back to MWD for my next book.

~Seth McDonough, author of How To Cure Yourself of Narcissism

Michelle was a godsend, and I do not say that lightly! I’m so, so very new to all this, and she was not only an AMAZING designer (more on that in a moment) but she was also a calm voice of reason and an expert resource, answering questions that I didn’t even know I should be asking. She worked with my budget and timing, which was hugely important for me being able to get this project off the ground. And my new covers are GORGEOUS! She also listened—really listened—to what I wanted for the books, made recommendations, and incorporated my feedback into the designs without hesitation. (As someone who is conflict-averse, that last bit was so important to me!) I will be coming back for my future cover design needs, definitely! 

~Stacey Kade, author of The Paper Doll series

I recently had the opportunity to work with Michelle Argyle thanks to a BookLife cover redesign. I couldn’t be happier with the results! The entire process was enjoyable and interactive. It was clear from the beginning that Michelle had many great, thoughtful ideas that we built on through multiple iterations of the design. I love how much warmth and humanity she was able to bring to the book cover—something that’s present throughout my memoir but was noticeably absent from my original cover. I highly recommend Melissa Williams Design and hope to work with Michelle again on my next book.

~Robert K. Brown, Author of Hundred Percent Chance

Michelle is amazing! She accommodated my unpredictable publishing schedule and got the files back to me faster than expected. Not only that, but the interior formatting design is beautiful. Can’t wait to work with her again!

~Mel Torrefranca, Author of Leaving Wishville

Michelle captured the essence of my novel in a book cover, which I found amazing. She’s a true professional and easy with work with. I intend to use Michelle in the future!

~Jodie Randisi, Author of My Thoughts Exactly

Great support, great open communications, great knowledge about formatting and all the details of getting a book to market. Five stars!

~Patricia Tavormina, Author of Aerovoyant

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in paperback and e-book formatting, and publishing in general. She responds to e-mails promptly, is very professional and is extremely helpful to someone that is inexperienced – like me! She makes you feel like you’re her only client. When she was working on my project, she helped me stay on task and make deadlines. I highly recommend her.

~Tyler Jolley, Author of The Adventurous Ali series

Melissa was fantastic to work with. Fast, responsive, and able to take my seeds of ideas into fully-formed, gorgeous finals. Her work remains my most popular swag, with good reason!

~Kiersten White, NYT Bestselling Author

For Publishers Weekly’s BookLife feature Melissa created a variety of concepts, different in tone and style, in a redesign of my book. She worked fast. I was very satisfied.

~Valerie Harms, author of Dreaming of Animals

Melissa created a beautiful banner and logo for our YouTube music channel. Her communication was prompt and professional. She knows what she’s doing! Absolutely recommend her!

~Tim Glemser, Musician

Working with Michelle was a pleasure, a true professional and so very helpful with great communication. She turned my book into a beautiful digital format and I highly recommend her!

~Sheryl Rosenstock Marcus, Author of the Cassandre decree

I am publishing my fifth book with the assistance of Melissa Williams Design, and I can’t say enough good things about Michelle Argyle, who’s produced both the eye-catching covers for my epic fantasy series and their elegant interior formatting. I turned to self-publishing when my trade publisher went out of business last year, and Michelle was consistently helpful and patient while I learned the ropes. She’s organized, prompt and businesslike, but still warm and friendly to deal with. Every time I turn over my materials for a new book to her, I sigh with relief, knowing my work is in good hands.

~Donna Migliaccio, Author of The Gemeta Stone Series

I’ve been collaborating with Michelle to prepare a book by a mutual client for publication, and I can attest to her professionalism and her patience. She designed a beautiful interior for the paperback, with custom chapter logos and elegant and readable fonts. She’s a talented pro, and I highly recommend her!

~Kimberly Caldwell Steffan, Editor

I would work with her again, no question. She is clear about what she can and will do, digs right in, does great work, knows what she is doing, has a sense of humor, is reliable, and – no small thing – trustworthy.

Working with Melissa was so easy, I want to do it all over again! She took all the details I sent her, digested them, and created a dramatic, elegant, and quirky cover that will definitely stand out in the crowd, even online. She answered every question I had and quickly. My publisher called her “a real pro” when he saw the layouts, and they were perfect, needing no corrections. My publicity rep loved, no LOVED, the cover.

~Mary Sheeran, Author of Banished from Memory

Melissa is a fantastic cover designer who always takes my vision and makes it a thousand times better than I ever could have imagined. She’s fast, versatile, knows the market, and delivers a quality product every time. So worth every penny.

~Natalie Whipple, Author of Transparent

“Michelle’s book cover designs are absolutely beautiful! We’re told not to, but how often DO we judge a book by it’s cover, especially when deciding if we want to take the time to purchase and read it? Michelle is professional in her delivery and highly skilled at her work.”

~Vanessa L. Lewis, Marketing Copywriter

Melissa Williams is wonderful to work with—she’s fast, meticulous in her design work, and competitively priced. I’ve loved all of the swag I’ve had designed by her and will definitely continue to use her in the future!

~Sara Larson, Author of the Defy series

Melissa has a great eye. She’s designed both bookmarks and door hangers for me and always been prompt, professional, and easy to work with. She’s very accommodating about tweaks and is great about walking a newbie through the process.

~Kathleen Kennedy, Author of What Goes Up

I’ve used Melissa for countless designs—bookmarks, character cards, quote graphics, buttons, compact mirrors, business cards, and sale campaign graphics, to name a few. She rises to the occasion of everything I need and always exceeds my expectations. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future!

~#1 NYT Bestselling Author Kathryn Purdie

Melissa Williams has an eye for graphic design and aesthetics. Font choice, text placement, and colors are always spot on. She’s a pleasure to work with, reasonably priced, and fast.

~Amber Argyle, Author of the Witch Song series

Quick service, prompt communication, and gorgeous designs—I won’t use anyone but Melissa Williams for all my design needs!

~Emily R. King Author of The Hundredth Queen series

Melissa is a creative magician. She continuously takes my hodgepodge of a vision and transforms it into a masterpiece. Patient, professional, and always a pleasure to work with, she is a treasured member of my team.

~Karen Hooper, author of the Tangled Tides series

Working with Michelle Argyle at Melissa Williams Design was a dream come true. I wanted a new look for my book cover that would be both eye-catching and deeply connected to the content. Michelle was responsive and eager to understand my goals for the cover. She had a flexible mindset, and when the first direction she proposed wasn’t quite the look I wanted, she came up with a new concept that really captured the spirit of what I was aiming for. As one of my readers told me, its the kind of book cover someone would ask about if they saw you reading it on the bus. I can’t speak highly enough of her professionalism. She was a joy to work with.

~Paul C. Schroeder, author of Practice Makes Purpose

Melissa is fantastic! She’s fast at designing an awesome product. I will go back to her for sure!

~Frank Cole, author of the Potion Masters series

For me, the hardest part of self-publishing has been the self-promotion. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone and when I see the old cover, the empty spotlight so clearly says, “I’m not sure if I want you to notice me . . .” Now, a year after publication, I’m ready to claim center stage and this bright new cover says, “I’m here and I want you to notice this book!” Thank you, Michelle for your beautiful work and for pushing me out of my comfort zone!

~Janine Kovac, author of Spinning: Choreography for Coming Home

Melissa is super easy to work with! She is friendly and knowledgeable
—with very quick yet efficient turnaround time. Being a first time author, she truly helped me to avoid ‘newbie’ pitfalls—which is much appreciated. Fair and honest pricingno surprises, and she will absolutely be my “go to” for all future works. Highly recommend.

~Shelli Pelly, founder of Annie Parker Confidential

Working with Melissa was a fun and collaborative process. As an independent writer she gave me an awesome cover for a fair and reasonable price and was very generous with her time knowledge of the industry. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

~Scott Rayner, author of Escape from Dantriné

I’m thrilled with my book cover redesign. Fast, professional, and great communication!

~Laurie Boris, author of Don’t Tell Anyone

I can’t say enough great things about Michelle’s design work. The design choices are insightful and true to genre. Fantastic communication throughout the process. Everything was done faster than quoted. Highly recommended!

~Brad Grusnick, author of The Last Will and Testament of Ernie Politics

I go to Melissa Williams Design for everything! She’s done every bookmark, book insert, marketing postcard and social media graphic I’ve ever used to promote my books. I’m always thrilled with her work and she’s prompt with great quality for a good price. I would never go to anyone else. She’s the best!

~J.R. Johansson, author of The Row

It has been a real pleasure doing a book cover design with Melissa. She was very easy to work with and gave me a stellar cover for my book as part of a Book Life redesign. Can’t wait to hear what people think when the redesign article is live!

~Denise Bossarte, author of Dreams of the Turtle King

LOVED working with Melissa Williams Design!!! She was so patient and willing to talk through my concerns. She’s a fabulous designer and I’m super happy with the end result!

~Valerie Ipson, author of Ideal High

Melissa created a fantastic cover that really reflected the intensity of my story, and was wonderful to work with, answering all of my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a cover that isn’t just attractive, but the right fit for their book.

~Cecily Wolfe, author of That Night

I LOVE the covers! They are absolutely stunning, all of my co-workers were fangirling over them!

~ Kathryn Notestine at JKS Communications

The BookLife redesign hooked me up with Michelle, and it’s been a great experience! Every step I could communicate my critiques to her and get what I wanted back, and now this new cover is everything romantic and elegant that I couldn’t ever produce with my own talents. I can see my story in the art, and I can finally feel that people will really be interested when this is the first impression of my book. 5 Star Experience.

~ Akosua Efa (Erica Forrest), author of Loathly

I enjoyed working with Michelle.  She’s a very nice, talented young lady and did a great job creating  my cover.

~Jamie Tingen, author of Betrayed by a Butterfly

I definitely recommend Michelle. I entered our relationship very clueless, stressed, and with a tighter deadline. She made my book’s interior look fantastic. Further, she was patient with me as I had my freak out moments (not about her work but rather the whole idea of self-publishing) and even reassured me that almost all her clients have moments when they want to quit. Her help, compassion, patience, and great design work kept me calmer and made self-publishing doable and maybe even exciting. Thank you!

~Kim Murdock, author of Feeling Left Behind: Permission to Grieve

Melissa completely re-energized by book cover with an outstanding concept and design. I would highly recommend using her design services.

~R.M. Gayler, author of Download Incomplete

I recommend Michelle highly. I had a designer who had done a poor job. I needed someone who could take over the editing after publication to correct his errors. Michelle was everything I could ask for. She took my project on though she had a full work schedule, guided me through the process, was cheerful and supportive, and did a great job.

~Jeffrey Tauber, author of Healing Criminal Justice

Michelle took me on as a client in March 2019 and over the past six months we have worked very well together. She not only designed the covers for all three books in my debut trilogy, she also did the interior formatting for the paperback and e-book versions. Michelle’s experience in the industry was enthusiastically shared with this debut author. Her expertise and insight were gratefully received and accepted. I look forward to working with Michelle again on my next project. Until next time, Michelle…

~W.M. Wiltshire, author of the Next Time series

I had three covers redesigned by Michelle and I am thrilled with the results. The new covers are beautiful and capture the books perfectly while also embracing the high impact style that seems to be the trend these days. I’m sure they will get a lot of attention. Michelle was also professional in her communication, receptive to feedback, and did the work promptly for an excellent price! I highly recommend her!

~Walton Burns, Publisher (Alphabet Publishing)