Hi! My name is Michelle Argyle. I’ve been designing for over 20 years and have created hundreds of covers and other design materials. I originally created Melissa Williams Design for a small publisher back in 2010. Since then, I have branched out to many other clients. MW Design is owned by MDA Books, which is the business name I use to publish my fiction on the side. As for design, I get crazy excited about supposedly mundane things like white space and fonts, and find no greater joy than transforming someone’s idea into a piece of art. Details are everything.

I live in the Rocky Mountains, where I find every excuse possible to go hiking and be outdoors. I also enjoy writing and have 10 publications to my name.

UPDATE: I’m happy to announce that Amanda Reid of A.J. Reid Creative has joined with me to work on many new projects. This means I can take on more clients, more projects, and increase productivity time without sacrificing quality. Amanda shares the same values, work ethic, and attention to detail and design that I do. I will still be handling correspondence with clients, and overseeing projects and final files.

Do I go by Melissa Williams or Michelle?

You can call me either, but my real name is Michelle. Melissa Williams is the name I chose for freelance design work, since I originally didn’t want my design name to be the same as my author name.


Adam Boretz, past editor of Publishers Weekly’s BookLife section, invited me to become a columnist for the “Cover Redesign” section. Adam has since stepped down, and I now work with Matia Burnett, the current editor of Publishers Weekly’s BookLife. Each month I redesign a new cover and submit my feedback about the redesign. The article is featured in the print magazine and online at Publisher’s Weekly and BookLife.

What makes me a good designer for you?

Your work is everything to you, so why would you settle for anything less when it comes to putting it out in the world? I am here to help you reach that perfect cover, interior, or other design you may need.

I will take the time to get to know you and what you want. Your final product should be unique, just like you. To do this, I will work closely with you one-on-one to make sure you get the best design for your project so you know that no matter what, you have put out a quality product. I focus on making sure a design is the best it can be marketing-wise, as well. After all, it is your most important marketing tool.

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2019 UBMC Cover Design Winner in Romance Category (for The Extra)
2019 UBMC Cover Design Grand Prize Winner (for The Extra)